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Hearing Test

Hearing test is the best way to ensure that you may have hearing loss and what you need to do next. We at Speech and Hearing solution clinic provide you best hearing test with all modern equipments and technology. Our audiologists assure you to give best hearing test in Delhi.Finding hearing loss is common problem among the all age group. However, the best solution to diagnose your hearing loss is to visit the clinic of an audiologist. Hearing test is the way to ensure whether you are having hearing loss or not. It is also intended to give you an idea about the evolution of hearing aids that is suitable. Our hearing professional provide you best hearing solution which is suitable to recover hearing loss.What happens during a hearing test?A number of hearing tests are performed to check the functionality of ear and the ability to detect different level of sound. Common hearing test includes.Automated otoacoustic emission (AOAE) test- In this test a computer is attached to an earpiece that plays a noise and measure response from the ear.Automated Auditory brainstem response (AABR) - In this test sensors are place on the head and neck to check out the response of nerves.Pure tone audiometry test- In this test sound of different levels are played and paused when it is heard.

How do I know I have hearing loss?

The problem of hearing loss, if not since birth, is often a like a process than an occurrence. Other than due to accidental reasons, when the loss can be instantaneous, normally it is caused over a prolonged period of time. In the beginning the hearing loss can be deceptive; however, with time, it goes profound and start interfering with your ability to react to a sound and thus becomes prominent during conversational speech.

  • Do you have trouble in hearing what others say?
  • Do you feel that people around you have started mumbling?
  • Do you steer up the TV volume to a level others start complaining?
  • Do you feel blame your concentration as you hear less when it is bit noisy?
  • Do your friends or family members complain about your hearing inability?
  • Do people tell you that, off late, you have been talking loudly?