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Speech & Language Therapy

We are providing speech therapy services to the patients, who find difficulty to express themselves and are facing language disorders. Language disorders can effect the one's ability of understanding and memory, which leads to lack of communication.

Clinic with its experienced speech language pathologists, offers treatment for a variety of speech & language disorders. Highlights of the treatment are:

  • Treatment on systematic and scientific lines
  • Customized treatment to suit patients’ specific needs
  • Involvement of significant others in the treatment process
  • Use of state of art equipment. Regular monitoring to assess efficacy of treatment

Treatment services are available for:

Articulation & Phonological Disorders: Aims at improving intelligibility of individuals’ speech. Institute has software programs for providing therapy for these disorders

  • Voice: Aims to reach the patients’ optimal pitch, loudness and quality
  • Language therapy: Aims to rehabilitate individuals with language impairments (such as, Specific Language Impairment (SLI), Aphasia, Pervasive Developmental Disorder (PDD), etc.), by adopting a multi-modal stimulation approach (i.e., auditory, visual, tactile)

Speech & Language problems in Kids

Speech & Language - Early Milestones Chart

Birth to 3 months Cries immediately after birth
Cries as a reflex reaction to his / her needs
Differentiation of cries (different cries for hunger, discomfort etc.) in the latter half of this period
3-6 months Grunts, gurgles and makes cooing sounds when comfortable
Produces some vowels and consonants
6-9 months Produces strings of sounds such as 'Baba', 'Dada'
Participates in routine plays such as 'Pat-a-cake'
9-12 months Comprehends simple commands like "give it to daddy" and questions such as "Where is so and so" (referring to a sibling or a frequent visitor)
Points to some body parts
1-2 year A child normally says his first word around one year of age
Uses speech like pattern interspersed with true words
Has a vocabulary of 50 -100 words
Uses two word phrases in the later stages of this period