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We bring cutting edge technology to our valuable customers through our products and services. Customer satisfaction and trust is our sole objective.

Service Excellence

Our experienced and skilled Audiologists perform clinical evaluation & hearing aid fitting with utmost precision and accuracy. This allows us to provide best hearing solution to our customers.

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We create value for money for our customers by offering them best quality products and excellent services like testing, counselling and hearing aid fitting at affordable price.

How it Work

Universal Hearing Solutions offers exclusive testing and counselling to each patient in order to meet their unique hearing requirements.


Personal consultation

FREE hearing screening and consultation with hearing healthcare professional.

Hearing aid trial and fitting

Hearing aid fitting is done only when customer gets fully satisfied under different hearing situations.

Enjoy better hearing

Finally people reconnect to the world and get quality of life back.

Universal Hearing Solutions, India's largest multi-brand.

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Here are frequently asked questions with answers.

About hearing aids?

Based on technology there are 2 types- Analog and Digital. Various styles are BTE, RIC, ITC, CIC and IIC.

Not always. You can visit clinic even without report or prescription. Our qualified and experienced Audiologist who are para-medical professional in field of Speech and Hearing, will diagnose you.

You don't need to be much tech-savvy to use modern hearing aids, as it comes with inbuilt features which are automatic. There is very simple off/on button to operate.

Like a Bluetooth device works by using radio waves instead of wires or cables to connect with your cell phone, smartphone or computer. Exactly hearing aids which are Bluetooth-enabled when are in close proximity to other bluetooth device, they connect, or pair; and thereby enables direct streaming of audio.

Depending on various models and usage time it last from 7 to 20 days.

Hearing aids cannot treat hearing loss but it can help to hear normally and also slows down further hearing impairment.

About hearing aid price?

As hearing aids are available in analog and digital form, analog hearing aids ranges from couple of thousands to around ten thousands. While digital hearing aids ranges from ten thousands to several lakhs.

Price of hearing aids depends upon technology and features. As more and more advanced features are included like noise filter and cancellation, speech intensification, recognition of sounds from different sources, wireless connectivity, and adaptability in all listening situations etc., prices goes up on higher side.

We have options of EMI facilities of selected banks and Bajaj Finance.

With hearing aid purchase plenty of services comes along like clean and check, service and repair, fine tuning adjustment through software along with many others.

We accept almost all payment modes in cash and digital form.