Hearing aids

By technology it's 2 types- Analog and Digital. By style it's few types like BTE, RIC, ITC, CIC and IIC

Not always. You can visit clinic even without report or prescription. Our qualified and experienced Audiologist who are para-medical professional in field of Speech and Hearing, will diagnose you.

You don't need to be much tech-savvy to use modern hearing aids, as it comes with inbuilt features which are automatic. There is very simple off/on button to operate.

Hearing aids pricing

As hearing aids are available in analog and digital from, analog hearing aids ranges from couple of thousands to around ten thousands. While digital hearing aids ranges from ten thousands to several lakhs.

Price of hearing aids depends on features. As more and more advanced technical features are included as noise filter and cancellation, speech intensification, recognition of sounds from different sources, wireless connectivity, and adaptability in all listening situations etc., prices goes up on higher side.

We have options of EMI facilities of selected banks and Bajaj Finance.

Hearing aid warranty & insurance

Normally it's for 24 months. But in some high end models it goes up to 48 months.

As of now in India medical insurance company does not categories hearing aids as insured, but we provide our own insurance policy backed up by some manufacturer where on paying one time membership fees one can claim lost or damage.

Hearing loss

Noise-related hearing loss is one of the most common work-related illnesses. Construction and entertainment are the most dangerous industries when it comes to hearing loss. It's important to be careful about long time exposure of your home appliances which can have long-term, harmful effects on your hearing such as vacuum cleaners, blenders, hair dryers, and other loud appliances. To prevent hearing loss from headphones, opt for an over-the-ear set, rather than in-ear ear buds.
You should also have periodical check of your hearing at hearing healthcare clinics.

Loss of sensorineural hearing sensitivity is irreversible and degenerative. Even a mild hearing loss can harm someone's ability to speak, learn, and interact with others. Untreated hearing loss, especially in older adults, can lead to social isolation, depression, dementia, falls, inability to work or travel, and reduced physical activity. So it's always advisable to have regular check and take precautions.

Hearing aids can help people with hearing impairment to a great extent. It helps restore your quality of life. For those who have mild hearing loss, their primary goal for using hearing aids is to help them understand speech. But for individuals with more profound hearing loss, hearing aids alone are not sufficient to bring their hearing to near-normal levels.

Hearing test

To get proper hearing threshold and to understand types and degree of hearing loss so that proper corrective measures can be taken.

Our qualified and experienced Audiologist programs it.

Your hearing aids are set through software in which each and every frequency is set as per your hearing loss, which is then works automatically in different listening situations.